Beginner’s guide to social media marketing

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet joined social media. It’s never too late to join social media and take advantage of the platforms’ marketing potential. However, if you still believe you’ve missed the boat, consider the following: Many businesses continue to get it wrong, failing to engage and keep customers. 

Here are five strategies to make sure you get off to a good start and don’t miss out on any more possibilities. 

Beginner’s guide to social media marketing

1. Offer something of value 

When you first start out on social media and have no followers, it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you build an organic, relevant, and engaged community of followers? The initial step is to introduce yourself to the community and make them aware of your presence. Begin by following and engaging with other accounts. Leave honest feedback, input, or knowledge on major influencer accounts. Assist your followers in finding what they’re looking for on the internet. Respond to their inquiries and communicate with them on social media

Every day, spend a few minutes commenting on major influencer accounts and offering your honest viewpoint, rather than just a generic “like.” If you do it honestly and intelligently, you’ll immediately gain people’s attention and expand your network. 

2. Make the most of your social media time. 

Because social media marketing can be both addictive and time-consuming, it’s a good idea to use tools like HootSuite to connect all of your accounts and schedule posts for specific times. This will allow you to write content as you see fit and have it posted automatically rather than having to do it manually numerous times a day. Another advantage is that it might assist you if you have audiences in different time zones. In some time zones, posting something at 10 p.m. EST might work, but the majority of your UK audience will be sleeping. 

Create a calendar of the optimal times to post based on the audience you want to engage with, then leave the rest to the scheduling tool. 

3. Create unique and compelling content that has been validated by a third party. 

Your social media profile should have its own distinct “persona.” What distinguishes you from the competition, and why should customers care? Developing your social identity entails coming up with your own post style, unique hashtags, holding competitions and giveaways, creating memes, and, finally, thinking outside the box to entice people to follow you and connect with whatever you publish next. 

You should seek to further validate and amplify your USP by adding links to blogs and publications that are talking about you, showcasing your accomplishments, promoting your news, and so on. 

One of the keys of a successful social media marketing plan is third-party validation. 

4. Be genuine with your followers. 

People respond to authentic material because they want to communicate with real people, not bots, and they are extremely aware of the difference between the two. People also don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant or self-promotional content; instead, they want to feel valued for engaging with you. 

Always remember to appreciate and acknowledge followers who post and share your work. Also, whenever possible, return the favor and watch your community expand. You’ll notice a gradual increase in followers and engagement. 

In most small businesses, the owners or founders control the social media accounts, but as the company grows and the social media marketing efforts are outsourced, it’s vital to stay faithful to your followers and maintain an authentic connection based on “real” discussions. 

5. Make the most of your connections’ clout. 

Social media is more than just a tool for generating sales; it’s also a fantastic means to build a large global network that can be mobilized into action. It’s also a chance to meet people from your field who you wouldn’t normally be able to meet. As a result, make it a point to cultivate ties with thought-leaders and individuals of influence who have a large following of their own. 

Collaborating with influencers has a lot of power because they can have a big impact on your brand’s social media success. A single retweet or shout-out from the appropriate influencer may put your business or content in front of hundreds of new prospective buyers. 

SYOBza’s marketing consultant is Silas T Nkoana.

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